Today is the big day

This moment has been a long time coming. Today is the day I can officially call myself an author and introduce you to my book baby. After a long, complicated gestation, and a very emotional birth, I proudly hold up my baby to introduce it to the Kingdom.

The Waking Hours is now available on Amazon! Click HERE to be taken to the Canadian site to buy my book, and please share this link with your friends and family. If they like a good suspense thriller, The Waking Hours is a great blend of strange, creepy and heart-warming. If you are accessing Amazon from outside of Canada, choose books in the drop-down menu and enter Susan M Nairn. Make sure to sort by publication date.

And if you want to know my current emotional state, click play on the audio file above to feel the true depth of my gratitude being able to share this book with you. Thank you all for your support!

If you do buy a copy of the book and you enjoy it, PLEASE leave a review on Amazon! (those are extremely important)

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