It’s time for a good book

Hey everyone….it’s “I Read Canadian” day today. I’m Canadian and I have a book you can read called The Waking Hours that can be purchased on your Amazon account!! Show your support by purchasing the book and, once you have read it, please leave a review on Amazon. Self-publishing has been a great experience soContinue reading “It’s time for a good book”

My baby is one week old

Last Monday, I chewed off all my fingernails, paced around my living room, and finally found the courage to share my book with the world. I can still see the track I carved into my carpet as I anxiously awaited the stats and braced myself for the reviews. When the first reviews began trickling in,Continue reading “My baby is one week old”

A brief synopsis of my writing world

The concept of writing a novel is romantic. When I first began to jot down ideas for The Waking Hours, it was more of a whimsical impulse than a promise to construct complex characters who would eventually write the bulk of the story themselves. I soon became nothing more than a conduit for their voices,Continue reading “A brief synopsis of my writing world”